Home Away From Home

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By Sarah S. 

Growing up my parents were both avid library users. As time went on Mom started working full-time and couldn’t always pick us up after school everyday. We ended up walking to the local library and staying to close (our choice) whenever we went there. We each would find a corner to curl up with our homework and latest personal reading book. Mom would have to search the building for us if she wanted to leave any earlier than closing time.

In high school nothing changed in my love of the library, except for adding a new favorite library. During study hall I would race to be the first one in class so that I would be granted a library pass. It was my hour of bliss during the day; my sanctuary within the school grounds. I did all of my studying either at the town library or in this brand new high school library.

The High School’s librarian took a liking to me as I was quiet and came to her for new reading suggestions often. I helped her pick out new titles to add to the shelves and she ordered special step stools that could easily convert into someplace cozy to read the book you just found on the shelf. She even called me out of class at the end of the day once to go through all of the books that she had to cull out of the shelves to make room for new books. I came home that day with 4 grocery bags worth of books that I am still reading today. She donated the rest, but she wanted to know that her favorites would find a good home with me.

I looked forward everyday to my time spent in the library, but as with all of our town’s school libraries, they had to cut back on funding after I graduated. Lots changed in the time that I was away at college, but I will never forget that library and my daily trips to a quiet, safe space in the middle of that zoo of a high school.

I am excited to one day instill this same feeling of love and wonder of the power of a good library and librarian in my future children.

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