How to Get and Hold Student’s Attention

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Posted on December 18, 2015

By Megan McCarthy

We’ve all heard the saying, “information is power.” That being said, sometimes too much information makes you feel powerless. Take for example, my experience making lasagna. I needed a good recipe for lasagna one night. So, I googled “great lasagna recipes.” I got 247 great lasagna recipe posts. Completely overwhelmed by the amount of information, I quickly closed my computer and ordered pizza. The lasagna would have to wait for another night.

The same is true in the classroom. Students and teachers can be completely overwhelmed by the amount of information available today. Finding the right balance for success can be tricky. If teachers overload their students, they are likely to shut down. If they pick the wrong subject matter or use the wrong content, students can lose interest. That’s why CLiC (Classroom in Context) is such a valuable tool in the classroom.

CLiC provides a digital-based curriculum that pulls resources from Gale’s In Context products. This provides classrooms with cutting-edge digital content that supports Common Core and other national and state standards. With curriculum-aligned lesson plans on a variety of subjects, CLiC provides a syllabus of current content for teachers to follow. And it’s specifically designed to be customizable and expandable. So teachers can provide their students with just the right ingredients for optimal learning. It’s a recipe for success.


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About the Author

Megan is a graduate of the University of Missouri, School of Journalism. She is a fan of both lasagna and pizza, but not cooking.


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  1. I agree with Megan. Kids can be on information overload and it’s difficult to sift through what is truly important. The idea of curriculum-alligned lesson plans sounds very appealing and more meaningful to students. It would allow the students to really optimize their learning.


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