How to Make Complex Concepts Clear with Technology

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Original Posting October 16, 2015

By Katrina Do

The advancement of new education technology is transforming classrooms across the globe. From hand-held tablets to 3D models, teachers are implementing new tools to optimize learning experiences.

Students who struggle with understanding complex concepts — whether it’s a math problem or understanding how molecules react — can benefit from innovative learning tools. Various education technologies work to engage students, helping them understand complicated ideas through visualization and hands-on experiences.

When students struggle to fully comprehend a particular concept, shifting the learning to a different medium can lead to successful results. A vast number of innovative education devices exist in the world today — but how do you get started using one of these high-engagement tools?

Here are four ways to incorporate new technology in a meaningful way:

  1. Identify the part of the lesson that isn’t working. What is the specific problem or concept that students struggle to understand?
  2. Create a concrete example. Turn the abstract idea into a physical model that students can engage with.
  3. Challenge students to work together. Success can be found through understanding how others view things. Group collaboration also strengthens the classroom community.
  4. Encourage students to share their successes and failures.

Innovation is about problem solving. Innovating new ways of teaching is often the best solution to helping students learn complex concepts.

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