Human Diseases and Conditions, an “Easy Read”

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Searching for a resource to support researchers seeking authoritative health information? The search stops here with Human Diseases and Conditions! Offering in-depth coverage of all areas of health and disease, Human Diseases and Conditions offers current and accurate information on approximately 450 diseases and conditions. The topics covered include infectious diseases, many cancers, chronic and acute physical and psychological conditions, newly emerging and reemerging diseases, public health issues, and issues of interest to the young adult audience (eating disorders, sports injuries, growth, and puberty). Behavioral health is covered as thoroughly as physical health.

Want more? Read a review from Barbara Bibel, a Reference Librarian at Oakland Public Library:

“Patrons seeking information about diseases and conditions appear often at the reference desk. They may be ill or seeking information for a family member or a school report. The third edition of Human Diseases and Conditions is accessible and easy to use. It contains more than 450 signed entries from medical writers and health care professionals. Seventy-five are new, and another 75 have been updated. All of the previous statistics, bibliographic entries, and organization listings are updated, as well. . . Although this resource is designed for middle-school and high-school collections, it is also a good choice for public and consumer health libraries because it is easy to read.”

—Booklist, March 2017

Human Diseases and Conditions is offered in print or eBook format on GVRL. Take a deeper look >>Jordan

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