I Love It When My Kid Helps

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| By Chilton Staff |

Of course, when she helps it takes a lot more time than doing it myself. But seeing her smile and knowing she is learning and gaining skills and confidence is worth it. Plus, it’s one way we spend time together.

When I was a boy, I loved helping my father work on the car. He taught me the names and uses of tools. I held the flashlight for him when he needed light in a dark area. I pumped the brake pedal to help bleed air from the brake system. I treasure the moments we had together. And I’m thankful because he taught me so much. Watching Dad over the years, I became familiar with cars and gained the confidence to take things apart to repair them―aided by a well-thumbed automotive repair manual.

Now my father’s auto repair manual is online through our library. I refer to ChiltonLibrary to learn the specific steps to take when performing a procedure. That makes it easier to know what is needed for the job and what to expect, saving time and expense. Also, when there are automaker specifications, such as the type of brake fluid to use and the amount, ChiltonLibrary will have those.

Excerpt from ChiltonLibrary: brake fluid inspection for the 2023 Kia Forte.

I like that my daughter will have a basic understanding of her vehicle and how to care for it for those times when she may be far from home and we can’t work on it together. She’ll have the sense of accomplishment that comes from fixing something on her vehicle. If she takes it to an automotive shop, she will understand any issues they’re describing, and she’ll know she can turn to ChiltonLibrary for more information.

I’m teaching her to maintain her vehicle to keep it operating safely. She will know how to wash it, detail the interior, check the fluids, and perform other maintenance tasks―and she’ll know why these things are important. In the meantime, I love these precious moments with my daughter, and seeing her smile is one of the gifts of being her father.

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