Image Viewer Update

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Mozilla, which maintains the Firefox browser, has announced its plan to diminish support for the Adobe Flash Player. Beginning this month, the Google Chrome browser will also no longer support Adobe Flash Player. In order to provide seamless support to our customers, Gale will be launching a new image viewer for our Gale Primary Sources collections to replace the current image viewer which utilized Adobe Flash Player.

The updated image viewer will be fully compatible with the newer and more secure HTML5 platform that is becoming increasingly universal, as well as provide a better image-viewing experience for mobile and tablet devices.

In an effort to create the best image-viewing tool and experience for our users, our team investigated how Gale users utilized the current image viewer and other tools available in Gale Primary Sources. In doing so, we discovered that a very small portion of our users employed the annotation tool included in the current image viewer. The underutilized annotation tool will be discontinued, allowing us to focus our effort towards improving other, more popular features and developing new technology to improve the delivery of our content.

We value you as an education partner and will continue to improve our products to serve your needs. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we implement these changes.

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