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A look at a current news item through the lens of different titles available on GVRL.

By Michelle Eickmeyer

Some things are sacred. Maybe not any of the characters on Game of Thrones… but for 11 years, Grey’s Anatomy heartthrob, Dr. Derek Shepherd. The social media response Thursday night was, well, huge. Not to be glib, but you would have thought an actual person died. But when you spend time with someone every week for more than a decade, they can start to feel kind of real. Especially when their nickname is McDreamy, and he’s supposed to be the man of your dreams. I get it. And in case you didn’t get enough of the craziness on Friday, ABC has put together a 2:34 montage of clips sure to get you sad and angry again. I’m sorry.

Here are five titles that address McDreamy from different perspectives:

VideoHound’s Golden Movie Retriever. Gale, 2015.

If you’re not ready to give up on McDreamy yet, perhaps spending some time with the other works of Patrick Dempsey will fill that void. Find all the information you need to find the character of your dreams in Patrick’s work with this annual update.

Blue-Collar Pop Culture:From NASCAR to Jersey Shore, 1st Edition. ABC-CLIO, 2013.

It’s interesting that this character died in a car accident. Immediately I had two thoughts. First was a comparison to Mathew Crowley’s death on Downton Abby. Second was that Patrick, in real life, is a racing enthusiast and driver. Millions of Americans are racing fans, boasting nearly half a million viewers on each race day. How as racing become such a force in American, and world, culture? Explore the depths of this phenomena with this title.

Gale Encyclopedia of American Law, 3rd Edition. Gale, 2010.

When someone is involved in an automobile accident, there are often myriad consequences. The accident is often just the beginning of a long battle — be it car repairs through criminal and/or civil litigation. Get a brief history of automobiles and the law in this legal favorite.

Encyclopedia of Death and the Human Experience, 1st Edition. Sage Publications, 2009.

There is never a good time to die. Even when a person has lived a good long life or has a lingering, terminal disease… or managed to survive 11 years on a television program, facing death is almost never easy for those left behind. But a sudden death, an untimely death, is something entirely different. Learn more about the effects of sudden death with this title.

Encyclopedia of Communication and Information, 1st Edition. Macmillan Reference, 2003.

How, HOW, do fake people on a TV become so, unbelievable ‘real’ to us? How does this same scenario relate to a feeling of knowing a reality star or an actual person whom you’ve only seen on television. For example, did you feel a personal loss when Princess Diana (or John Kennedy Sr or Jr, or Kurt Cobain, or Peter Jennings) died? Most of us would have had no opportunity to meet any of these people, but may have felt a real loss when they died. Explore this attachment to characters in this title.



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