In Other News: Mumps

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A look at a current news item through the lens of different titles available on GVRL.

By Michelle Eickmeyer

It’s April 18, 2014 and there are mumps outbreaks in Ohio and New York. Mumps! And both associated with college campuses? (Well, my aunt always said “there is a time and place for everything, and it’s college,” but somehow I never suspected she meant mumps!)

One side blames the anti-vaccination movement; the other citing cases in those who were vaccinated. According the the Center for Disease Control, roughly 186,000 cases of mumps were reported annually before the vaccination program was begun in 1967. There are currently 247 confirmed cases (243 in Ohio; 13 in New York) of mumps being included in the two areas of concentration.

Here are five titles that look at medical outbreaks from different perspectives:

Avian Immunology, 2nd Edition. Academic Press, 2014

From shots containing egg to whether or not you prefer the chicken you’re eating to have been vaccinated, conversation abounds about the connections between human immunizations and antibiotics in chickens. Which came first, the “healthy” chicken or the “contaminated” egg? Information on both sides available here.

Career Information Center, 10th Edition. Macmillan Reference USA, 2014

Interested to make a difference in the community by working in the medical field but not interested in being a doctor? With hundreds of careers in the medical field

Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, 4th Edition. Gale, 2014

For much of the world, and a growing portion of the United States and Canada, vaccinations are not the preferred method of disease prevention. What options are available to the drug or needle adverse? Find more information on alternative medicine here.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Medical Terminology, 1st Edition. Alpha Books, 2013

Need to cut through the noise and mumbo-jumbo? Get straight-forward information and a bit of history in this easy to use reference guide.

Is the World Prepared for a Deadly Influenza Pandemic?, 1st Edition. Reference Point Press, 2011.

Is all the talk just talk? With widespread diseases occurring more frequently are “we” prepared? Learn more about who is planning what and how you can increase your odds of living a healthy life here.

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