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By Michelle Eickmeyer

There are few “jobs” in the world from which people don’t quit. In just over a year, we have seen two exceptions to this — the resignation of Pope Benedict and the abdication of Spain’s King Juan Carlos I. The latter giving just over the (Western) traditional “two weeks notice.” After making his intentions known on the 2nd of June, Spain crowned their new King, Felipe, on the 19th.

In both cases, age was cited as the impetus for the departure. But the King’s departure was more deliberate — he stepped down so his son could step up. “A new generation must be at the forefront… younger people with new energies,” as he is quoted by the BBC.

His reign saw controversy from the start, with an attempted coupe shortly after he was crowned, and leaving amidst inquiries of improprieties. Juan Carols’s daughter, Princess Cristina was arrested for tax fraud and money laundering on the 24th of June.

Here are five titles that look at the King of Spain from different perspectives:

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Get all the stats and facts on this beautiful country. Get an understanding for the lives and livelihood of the Spanish people, the impacts of joining the EU, international relations and

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Spain, 1st Edition. DK Publishing, 2014.

Feeling the pull of Europe’s west coast? Explore the sites and plan your next adventure!

VideoHound’s Golden Movie Retriever, 2015 Edition. Gale, 2014

In what is perhaps the most famous abdication of the throne, the UK’s King Edward VIII stepped down just 11 months after taking the throne following the death of his father, making way for the current Queen’s father to be king. Depicted in the multi-award-winning 2010 film, The King’s Speech, Edward/David’s was a story of love beating all odds as he was forced to abdicate to marry Wallis Simpson, a divorced, American commoner. (*I’d be remiss not to mention there is much speculation regarding both the policy regarding the throne and spouses of divorce [the very reason Charles is in line to be king could keep him from it] and any social pressures to abdicate to bring his youthful son, Prince William, to the throne. Only time will tell.)

The Britannica Guide the World’s Most Influential People Series: The 100 Most Influential World Leaders of All Time, 1st Edition. Encyclopedia Britannica, 2011.

King Juan Carlos’ ascension to the Spanish throne was non-traditional. He was chosen over his father by his predecessor, Francisco Franco.This military powerhouse gained his power over a 3-year war for Madrid ending Spain’s civil war. He was especially cruel, and garnered a reputation for retribution. Learn more about this former leader in this title.

The Gale Encyclopedia of American Law, 3rd Edition. Gale, 2011

But what is abdication? When does it apply and what are the ramifications? Understand the legal implications and more formal details here.



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