In Response to the Recent American Libraries article on Digital Humanities

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Gale recently partnered with American Libraries magazine to co-produce a survey of librarians and faculty about digital humanities, which was covered in Jan/Feb issue of American Libraries (here).

As part of our contract with American Libraries, Gale had no editorial control of the resulting coverage, including any communication between the magazine and writers at any point. We provided comment to the magazine editors about why we initiated the study and what we hoped to learn. The magazine was not required to use this information as part of this sponsorship.

We were saddened to hear of the frustration felt by the authors and certainly want to learn how we can work together to support them and other leaders in the digital humanities field. In the end, our shared goal is to support librarians and faculty with their digital humanities work and further raise the profile of academic libraries.

Our hope is that the survey results will spark discussion and help fuel positive change within our industry.Adidas Yeezy Boost SPLY – 350 V2 OFF-WHITE white men shoes

4 thoughts on “In Response to the Recent American Libraries article on Digital Humanities”

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  2. This halfhearted apology would be more believable if Gale employees didn’t harass librarians for not buying their products.

    • Hello,
      I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a negative experience with your Gale representative. I’d like to put you in touch with a member of our sales leadership team so we can learn more about this issue. May we contact you?
      -Harmony Faust


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