InterLink Enables Discovery Within Library Holdings

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And librarians around the globe rejoice!

On April 30, 2014, Gale launched InterLink, a new, free service available to libraries which own any of the periodical resources of InfoTrac and any eBook on the GVRL platform. But “service” is such a limiting word. Feature, enhancement. tool — they all fall short. InterLink is so much more than a bell or a whistle. With InterLink, research, search, and discovery have changed. And it’s amazing!

Instead of hyperlinking to broader, tangentially related topics, which is the typical experience within existing search tools, InterLink users are interlinked to additional materials that relate specifically to what they’re currently reading.

Using the power of Gale’s robust proprietary subject indexing, InterLink technology exposes connections between search results within current articles from newspapers, magazines and journals from a library’s InfoTrac periodical products, such as Academic OneFile and General OneFile, with contextual reference content found within all eBooks on GVRL. Links are provided on the first instance of a term with a relevant GVRL article available.

In a recent customer survey, this enhancement was among the most requested by librarians and thought to deliver the highest value to users. InterLink technology is only available for libraries offering both InfoTrac periodical resources and eBooks on the GVRL platform.

Discovering the right materials is essential for researchers of all levels. Making those materials discoverable is key to libraries of all types. For the first time, InterLink accomplishes both.

Over the next few days more information will be added to this blog speaking directly to what these announcements mean to your specific library type. Be sure to subscribe to see the updates on these and other updates as they happen. We’re very excited about InterLink – and can’t wait to talk to you more about it and hear your successes. You can also visit the InterLink website for more information, including upcoming webinars, or read the full press release.Nike

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