Introducing Business Collection: Business is Looking Up!

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Library users who count on your library to support their business interests look for relevant, reliable content that’s accessible and easy to use. Well, thanks to upcoming changes to Gale’s business resources, they’re keeping the former and getting more of the latter.

Beginning August 7, PROMT, European Business ASAP, Business Index ASAP, Business & Company ASAP, General Business File, and Business International & Company Profiles will be automatically upgraded and replaced with Business Collection, a comprehensive, innovative new resource that incorporates their content With nearly 4,000 leading business and trade publications, this resource provides the coverage and depth your business information consumers need most. And it delivers this information on the newly reimagined InfoTrac platform.


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Here’s what’s up

You and your patrons will appreciate the enhancements to both usability and accessibility that are the hallmark of Gale’s continuously improving product development. Here are some of the new features users will enjoy most as they explore business topics:

  • A mobile-responsive design, optimized for any device and screen size. And because Gale has adopted popular iconography and navigational elements, users will naturally adapt to the new interface.
  • Topic Finder, new functionality that helps generate ideas for research paths and inquiries. This unique tool makes it easier to narrow or broaden their topic visually, which helps visually oriented users make relationships between concepts and terms.
  • InterLink, which delivers hyperlinked information in the context of what the user is already reading, ensuring more relevant discovery.  Unlike traditional search engines, where clicking takes users in a completely new direction, InterLink allows them to continue their search, both expanding and narrowing options.   InterLink also connects current articles from newspapers, magazines, and journals with contextual reference content found in your library’s eBooks on GVRL.
  • Ability to select and highlight important text, add notes, and view, print, or export that information
  • Content translation into 34 languages (including English, Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese)
  • Text-to-speech translation (in English and all other language translations offered)

For those who access Gale business resources through a consortia or statewide program, the Program Manager will provide additional information through the migration.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Gale Customer Success. We look forward to providing an enriched search experience for you and the business enthusiasts you serve!Jordan Ανδρικά • Summer SALE έως -50%

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