It’s In the Family

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By Mark H. 

I grew up in a library, literally. Not long after I was born, my mother got her degree in library sciences along with a teaching credential for elementary school. From as early as I can remember, I was at my mom’s side as she filed the card catalog, re-shelved books, and managed the rudimentary computer lab in the library of the elementary school I attended. When my class visited the school library regularly throughout the week, I called the librarian “Mrs. Martin” instead of “mom” so that the other students wouldn’t find out about our relation. This was partly to deter favoritism, but it helped me feel like less of a square by all my classmates knowing my mom was our librarian.

Now, I think it’s the coolest thing around that my mom worked in libraries her entire career. This connection exposed me to some of the best resources of information that I craved, and shaped my interest in books and reading, which led to my study of literature and my degree in Modern Literature.

The connection to libraries from birth formed who I am today and inspired my current career in marketing educational texts for elementary students. I feel privileged to be giving back to libraries and to education all that I have gained from them throughout my life.Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Obsidian” Sail/Obsidian-University Blue For Sale

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