Jackie Robinson Hits a Home Run

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By Paula I. 

I have a reluctant reader who obligatorily visits the school library once a week. Rather than read, he would rather cause a commotion, get others in trouble or just sits and watches the fish. I spent months trying to get him to check out a book, any book. I bought comic books, I pushed graphic novels, magazines, and world record books. After months of excuses (“I’m reading something at home.”) , I used the approaching Super Bowl to lure him to the football shelf. He already knew everything about the sport so he said thanks but.no thanks. Last week, he asked if we had anything about Jackie Robinson after seeing a display I had done for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and had left out for Black History Month. He checked out two, mind you, two books about Jackie Robinson. He also asked me to hold two more for him when he returned the first two. It was hard for me to act casual when I saw this young man succeed in passing a giant hurdle.Running Archives

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