Keep Kids and Teens Reading All Year Long

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Thorndike Press publishes a curated collection of large print books for juvenile and young adult readers. Luckily, local public library summer programs can help keep kids’ brains engaged. Summer reading programs create a fun, encouraging, low-stress environment for young learners to practice their reading skills or simply dive into an exciting series to pass the leisurely summertime afternoons. Librarians are the magic behind the success of these summer programs, and Thorndike Press is here to help.

Thorndike Press is a curated collection of large print books geared toward supporting struggling readers. The text is easier to read and encourages kids to slow down and fully engage with the stories. You’ll find everything from classics like The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to more modern best-sellers like We Were Liars. These captivating stories are school appropriate yet still enchanting. Our titles are chosen to help students fall in love with reading no matter their reading level. With large print books from Thorndike Press, summer reading is made easier and more enjoyable for all.

Large Print Books Set Students up for Long-Term Success

Summer reading keeps kids’ minds active outside of the classroom, fostering early joy for lifelong learning. Guiding students toward books that they can indulge in on their own time helps them develop a genuine appreciation for stories. Plus, as they discover tales told through the eyes of others, kids and teens gain important social and emotional learning skills. Post-pandemic, summer reading programs at the public library are even more of an asset as educators and parents work hard to help kids catch up socially and academically.

Thorndike’s titles are strategically crafted for optimal reading comprehension, allowing active minds time to understand and visualize the meaning behind the words more deeply. All Thorndike Press books have a larger font size, fewer words and lines per page, and clearer contrast between text and the background of the paper. Furthermore, when kids are engrossed in a good book, their confidence in their own reading abilities grows. Literacy is fundamental to future success, no matter a child’s goals, and these competencies are helpful in all academic subjects, not just English.

Have Fun with Summer Reading

Large print books are only a success if librarians can get them into kids’ hands—this is where you come in! Download or print our audience-focused marketing materials to promote large print titles. There are all kinds of fun ways to encourage summer reading. Themes, competitions, and prizes certainly help too. Start the season with a showcase of your favorite summer books and display them prominently. You might also take pictures of the titles and put them on your public library’s social media page. Develop a summer reading list packed with recommendations. Once kids get hooked, they have plenty more options from which to choose.

For kids who like to spend summer days at the public library, introduce hands-on activities that coincide with your summer reading theme. Let them make their own bookmarks, create one big poster for them to decorate with the titles of their favorite books, or host a lunch where kids can come and chat about a story they enjoyed.

Adapt Summer Programs for All Readers

Summer is a time for travel, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t participate in your summer reading program while on the move. Create a hashtag for your public library’s summer reading program so kids can tag themselves reading in exciting new places. Maybe they’re at summer camp reading on a canoe. Maybe they’re reading on a family vacation somewhere exotic. Or maybe they’re just staying home and lounging by the community pool. You can award prizes for the most inventive, silly, or exciting reading locations.

Ready to make a splash this summer? Let Thorndike’s large print titles fuel your creative ideas to keep kids engaged with reading while school’s out. If your public library doesn’t already have large print titles, browse our catalog!

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