Kids are Resilient…Until They’re Not

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Posted on June 29, 2016

Well-child visits are a great time for parents to gather information from doctors to help their children remain healthy and injury free. Pediatricians review safety measures, administer vaccines, and discuss ongoing medical information.  But sometimes the information comes fast and furious, and parents don’t remember the details. Or maybe they fail to ask questions, due to time limitations or distractions (such as a restless toddler or crying baby).

And for some, with limited access to health care, these visits and conversations don’t happen at all.

So where can parents and caregivers turn to get expert, validated health information for their children?

Vital Information, Zero Jargon

You can fill this important information gap in your library with a resource that’s available to patrons any time, anywhere, on nearly any device. Gale Encyclopedia of Children’s Health: Infancy through Adolescence, an eBook available on the award-winning GVRL platform, is a comprehensive guide and unique source of information on children’s health, covering health issues for ages birth through 18.  With more than 800 entries and 335 images and illustrations, this versatile resource provides in-depth coverage of common and rare diseases and medical conditions, immunizations and drugs, procedures, and developmental issues relating to children.

Best of all, entries are carefully written to be easily understood by parents of all reading levels and free from medical jargon.  Yet, unlike many websites, all content has been reviewed and approved by an advisory board of medical doctors and professionals.  This encyclopedia strikes the right balance between authoritative and approachable.

You can start providing valid, understandable information that will support the health of children in your community today. Ask us for more information or request a free trial today.Zapatillas de baloncesto Nik

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