Learner and Market Insights Fuel Udemy Content

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Want to help your patrons develop skills that today’s employers want? Give them access to high-quality, on-demand courses covering leading business and technical topics.

Powered by the largest teaching and learning marketplace, Gale Presents: Udemy provides engaging, self-paced upskilling courses to help library patrons build the latest in-demand skills.

Curious how Udemy brings learners the freshest and most relevant content? Discover how their unique marketplace model curates top-quality courses from expert instructors.

Gale Presents: Udemy follows a one-of-a-kind marketplace content model to help you deliver updated, relevant courses to learners faster than traditional publishers.

Made up of 75K subject matter experts, 210K courses, and 67M learners, Udemy.com offers a vast learning marketplace. To ensure Gale Presents: Udemy learners have access to the top courses for today’s leading professional topics, Udemy curates a highly selective course collection from the marketplace based on user data and feedback.

For a course to be eligible for the Gale Presents: Udemy collection, it must meet multiple criteria:

  • A minimum of a 4.4+ rating, with a minimum threshold of user ratings
  • Topic relevance to business users and current offerings
  • High instructor ratings 
  • Instructor’s course eligibility for the Udemy Business Marketing program

Only the top 10 percent of Udemy.com’s marketplace courses are selected for the Gale Presents: Udemy collection, giving your patrons access to 25,000+ courses curated from leading engagement stats, noticeable market demand, and high instructor ratings.

The marketplace content model allows you to bring learners courses that are always relevant, current, and high quality. As the market changes, so do the courses on Gale Presents: Udemy, responding quickly to learner feedback and trending topics.

For example, when employees worldwide switched to a remote working model at the beginning of the pandemic, Udemy reacted quickly to provide upskilling opportunities to help remote employees work efficiently and build more-inclusive global teams. During the height of remote work, instructors launched courses like Hybrid Work Management: How to Manage a Hybrid Team to prepare managers for the next inevitable working model.

Over the last two years, 60 percent of the Gale Presents: Udemy course collection has been updated—double the typical number of updates compared to traditional publishers. 

When a course fails to meet the criteria for Gale Presents: Udemy, it’s removed from the collection, ensuring less-engaging or outdated content is retired to prioritize more-relevant courses for business-focused learners.

Udemy also takes consistent measures to ensure high-quality content. In addition to their collection criteria, Udemy uses artificial intelligence to review course transcripts. If inaccurate or inappropriate content is found, Udemy takes action to have the instructor revise the content or removes the course from the Gale Presents: Udemy platform.

Logging in from all over the world, Gale Presents: Udemy instructors are subject matter experts committed to bringing learners the most up-to-date information.

The marketplace content model incentivizes instructors to keep their courses current, engaging, and relevant to reach today’s learners. This is essential when it comes to modern, fast-moving tech and business topics.

In addition to Udemy’s complex course criteria model, instructors have access to dashboards that show them what’s working for their learners—and what isn’t—so they can adapt their content to user needs.

Plus, Udemy’s accessible platform allows any industry expert who’s passionate about sharing their knowledge to teach, so patrons can choose from more-diverse instructors that resonate with their interests and learning styles. Connect your patrons to over 25,000 courses from global experts, including more than 14,000 international courses taught by native speakers across 14 languages.

Ready to help your patrons develop in-demand skills with self-paced, high-quality courses? Offer Gale Presents: Udemy in your library.

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