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Summertime is always bustling for public libraries. With school out of session and busy parents seeking ways to keep their families entertained, the library’s summer schedule plays a vital role in the community. This August, in honor of National Wellness Month, public librarians might consider weaving activities into their late summer programming that support the wellness of their patrons. National Wellness Month is a great chance to help your community focus on self-care, overall health, and stress management.

To assist those looking to learn more, make Gale Health and Wellness your go-to resource. This database can assist those who seek information for their personal health goals and can help public librarians peruse and brainstorm wellness-themed ideas. Public libraries can promote Gale Health and Wellness throughout August, so patrons can become familiar with the information found there and continue to access it year-round.

As you prepare for your summer season, we are quickly diving into Gale Health and Wellness and offering strategies for integrating the product into your library’s summer activity plans!

Debunk Medical Myths

The pandemic showed us that health misinformation and medical doubts are very real issues within the community. With Gale Health and Wellness, patrons can perform their own research and trust and feel empowered by what they learn. Our content experts ensure that the information provided in this database is current, accurate, and diverse. Patrons won’t find just one study or article—they can explore thousands of medical journal entries, publications, medical newspapers, and reference works.

Users can navigate helpful summaries and articles on topics like the COVID-19 vaccine, fad dieting, the benefits of taking vitamins or supplements, and other health-related subjects to explore the truth behind them. Your library might develop myth-busting displays or compile FAQs for more relevant or generally controversial concepts.

Make Personal Health Accessible

Understanding medical terminology and health-related studies can sometimes feel out of reach for individuals without a background in the health and wellness field or for those who might struggle with traditional ways of processing information. Gale strives to ensure the accessibility of our products. Leveraging translation services, text-to-speech technology, and audiovisual pieces, we hope to make information more accessible.

Individuals can look up information regarding popular prescription drugs or other common medical conditions. Users can begin their search by browsing the main topics housed in the database, helping to quickly narrow the results. These tools allow librarians to find information relevant to their specific community needs or seasonal health concerns. You can easily share direct links to topical articles, such as this helpful summary on identifying and preventing skin cancer.

Celebrate National Wellness Month

Big health changes can feel daunting, but your library’s resources can help patrons create small, manageable daily habits that improve lifelong health. You might consider developing weekly themes or a calendar of events throughout August. Rely on Gale Health and Wellness for factual tips and strategies for bettering the different aspects of overall health.

Create Healthy Sleep Routines

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, but some people suffer from sleep disorders or struggle to get the rest their bodies need. Our sleep needs vary depending on our age, but even busy adults should try to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. Why not create a bookmark or a similar material that outlines basic tips for creating healthy sleep habits?

Stretch Every Day

Invite a local yoga instructor to your library to guide patrons in an afternoon of gentle stretching. Or, share virtual yoga sessions via social media so patrons can participate from anywhere. Stretching is super easy and leads to improved flexibility, balance, and joint health. Even just a gentle session of stretching or a walk around the block every day has immediate positive effects on overall health.

Challenge Yourself to Drink More Water

Humans need a lot of water, but we don’t often drink as much as our bodies need to perform at their best. Exact requirements for water intake vary, but one study from News Rx Health and Science concludes that an American man in his 20s should drink about seven cups a day, and an American woman in her 20s should drink closer to six cups. Why not set up a hydration challenge for August? If your library has the budget, offer fun, reusable water bottles to patrons who sign up and encourage participants to track their daily water intake.

Carve Out Time to Relax

Help motivate your patrons to focus on their mental health and develop good stress management practices. Consider setting up a meditation workshop or sharing a special relaxation playlist for patrons to use. You might also want to set out a collection of your favorite summer titles and challenge readers to spend at least 15 minutes reading every day throughout the month of August to help them wind down after a long day.

Share the value of lifelong learning with your patrons and introduce them to the valuable resources your library offers. Gale Health and Wellness is an easy-to-navigate gateway for reliable, accessible health-related information.

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