Letting Kids Know They’re Not Alone

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Digital mental health resources for students

| By Gale Staff |

Nationally, one out of five teens suffer from mental health challenges, and more than 75 percent don’t seek help.1 With COVID-19 and social issues changing life as we know it, it’s even more important that students learn how to deal with their emotions in a healthy way.

That’s part of the reason Laurie Nordahl, a librarian at North Bend High School in Oregon, was determined to secure funding for much-needed social and emotional learning resources for students across her district.

“When I first heard about Cameron’s Collection [on Gale eBooks], it resonated with me because I was that teenager who wouldn’t have sought out a counselor. I wouldn’t have opened up to a staff member or wouldn’t have taken a book with a mental illness topic to the library desk to check out. I know there are students just like me, and I wanted resources for them.”

– Laurie Nordahl, librarian at North Bend High School

Nordahl worked creatively to provide the trusted digital resources in Cameron’s Collection on Gale eBooks, which has essential mental health and wellness content, to all the students in her district—even when funding challenges emerged. 

“The big thing for me is letting kids know that they’re not alone,” said Nordahl. “By privately accessing information, students can realize others have experienced the same thing, and it may lead them to talking with a trusted adult.”

Read Nordahl’s full story and learn how you can support your students with the age-appropriate, confidential mental health resources in Cameron’s Collection.

1. Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation website, accessed December 1, 2020.

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