Librarian Inspires Lifetime Love of Reading

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By Tracy S.

I grew up with parents that loved to read. My mother taught me to read at 3 years old and by 5 I was well into chapter books. Some of my earliest memories are of weekly trips to the library. We’d take shopping bags full of books home every week gobble and gobble them up. My sister and I attended weekly read a longs, and did every summer reading program,. My sister sill has all of the final prize T-shirts even! One my favorite parts about going to the library was seeing my favorite librarian, Julie. She was like an Aunt to me and I am still in contact with her to this day, almost 30 years later. (She’s now the head librarian for my local library!) She always had new books to recommend to me based on my favorites. If the library didn’t have the book I wanted, she and the other librarians would order it, in a few weeks I’d get a pale green postcard telling me my new treasure had arrived. Those postcards were the only mail I got as a child, and I absolutely loved seeing them! Even though I’ve moved away from my home town, I’m close enough that I go back every once in a while and see all the librarians, including Julie, who helped shape my love of reading, one book at a time.Calzado Nike

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