Libraries Through One Lifetime

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By Bernice C. 

Most of my friends think I was probably born in a library and live there, but I actually have a family and live on a farm. The truth is that libraries became my mission in life, as I found them a special haven whenever I needed one. I vaguely remember my first trips to a branch library and the downtown library where I grew up. I loved the books, the characters, and the stories. My mother loved the written word and shared it with me regularly from birth. By third grade, I was a student volunteer in the school library. In middle school, I added the AV Club to my library connections, but in high school, when I had to fit into a new community and school district, the library was the only place where I felt at home. The school librarian was my mentor and before I graduated, I was leading story experiences in the adjacent elementary school. Becoming a librarian was a natural for me. During college, I practically lived in the campus library. More than 30 years after college, and through the amazing changes we have seen in library services, I oversee a county library system. Bringing information and literature to everyone to enrich their lives is my goal. My staff and I are in our libraries and communities to serve.


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