Library Journal Reviews Gale’s Amateur Newspapers from the American Antiquarian Society

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| By Sydney Fairman |

Containing over 3,000 titles from the original 48 states and issues from 15 foreign countries, Amateur Newspapers from the American Antiquarian Society is the largest and most extensive digital collection in the United States. Featuring tens of thousands of issues, with publications that range from two to as many as 50 or more pages, this collection offers students and researchers compelling insight into the ways teens and young adults viewed their hometowns, country and the world around them through editorials, poetry, short fiction and more.

Read why Library Journal calls Amateur Newspapers from the American Antiquarian Society a “compelling niche collection” for researchers:

The archive provides a fascinating look at a then-emerging medium that encouraged cross-country communication among young people. Researchers can draw parallels between today’s social media environment and the rise of amateur journalism, particularly its emphasis on feelings and community. ‘Amateur Newspapers’ leans heavily toward academic research and supports subjects such as U.S. history, marketing and communication, journalism, boyhood studies, and literature. It’s particularly valuable for scholars interested in archival documents and amateur print journalism.

— Gricel Dominguez, Librarian at Hubert Library, Florida International University

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