Library Journal Reviews the Archives of Sexuality & Gender

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|By Gale Staff |

The third collection in the award-winning series Archives of Sexuality & Gender broadens the scope from a specific focus on LGBTQ history and culture in Part I and Part II to the study of sex and sexuality. Part III makes available approximately one million pages of content that have been locked away for many years, available only via restricted access. With a date range of 1600‒1940, some content remains difficult to access, having been dispersed among broader collections. Now, this major collection of rare and unique material is available to support students, researchers, and faculty exploring areas such as medicine, biology, anthropology, law, the classics, art, and erotic literature.

This month, Library Journal published a raving review of Archives of Sexuality & Gender, Part III:

“Like other offerings in Gale’s suite of primary sources, the Archives of Sexuality & Gender provides a rich selection of rare works through an easy-to-use interface that includes options for novice and advanced users alike. . . . Expanding on the selections available in Parts I and II, PartIII of the Archives of Sexuality & Gender widens the scope of the collection, introducing new themes and sources. With many of the monographs derived from restricted and once-private collections and an unrivaled selection of primary source documents on once-taboo subjects, Part III is best suited for advanced, interdisciplinary research by faculty and scholars.”
– Gricel Dominguez, Librarian, Hubert Library, Florida International University, Miami

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