A Lifelong Tradition

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By Jane W.

In 1959, Lucy was a young mom who didn’t know anyone in her new hometown of Greenwood. With two kids, no car, and no extra money, Lucy and her kids needed things that would get them out of the house. Lucy loved to read, and really wanted her children to love reading as well, so she put the kids in their red wagon, and off they went to Greenwood Public Library.

It soon became a regular routine. Every couple of days or at least once a week, the wagon brought them to the library on Main Street. Story time, play time, and then back in the wagon with a load of books for the whole family, all set for days of imagination and discovery.

By 1963, Lucy was going through a difficult divorce and felt very alone. She needed information now – about divorce, custody, legal protection – it was all too painful, too private to talk about with friends and family. Once again. it was the library she turned to. Books gave her the tools she needed for her new life.

51 years later, Lucy’s children are grown, and she is still enjoying life in Greenwood. She still comes to the library every week – but not just for books. Since she’s on a fixed income, the free programs add enjoyment to her week. Lucy attends a book club at the library and when they read a really good book, Lucy often mails it to her daughter in California, so that they can continue the discussion together. You see, Lucy’s children love to read. They were raised by a single mom with the world at her fingertips – thanks to the Greenwood Public Library and a little red wagon.Calzado Nike

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