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Public library patrons lead diverse lives. While some are looking for support to prep children for kindergarten, others are trying to determine if they should start a business. And each of them turn to their local library for trustworthy answers and librarians for assistance in furthering their research. That’s why we’re proud of what librarians themselves have to say about our popular research databases.

Miss Humblebee’s Academy to Get a Head Start in Pre-K Learning
“The site does offer an impressive array of resources… Young users (independently or in tandem with adults, based on individual capability) can choose specific topics or be automatically advanced through uncluttered pages featuring age-appropriate content, large print, and bright, cheerful, cartoonlike illustrations. The site is very user friendly due to intuitive navigation and overall accessibility.”
— Kathleen McBroom, Former Reference Librarian and Media Specialist, Current Coordinator for Dearborn Public Schools (MI) via Booklist Review

Testing & Education Reference Center for Finding a College, Getting in, and More
Testing & Education Reference Center features detailed information on colleges and universities, graduate and professional programs, distance learning, corporate training, financial scholarships and awards, preparatory entrance exams, and numerous tools to help users identify suitable occupational opportunities.”
— Gail Golderman, Electronic Resources Librarian, and Bruce Connolly, Reference & Bibliographic Instruction Librarian, Schaffer Library, Union College (NY) via Library Journal Review

Career Transitions for Workforce Development
Career Transitions provides guidance and essential activities for job seekers and those investigating new career options… [with] easy navigation allowing subscribers to search all job types, including internships, apprenticeships, and entry-level and temporary listings; browse career paths; and view ‘A Day in the Life’ video series, featuring real people in various occupations.”
— Gail Golderman, Electronic Resources Librarian, and Bruce Connolly, Reference & Bibliographic Instruction Librarian, Schaffer Library, Union College (NY) via Library Journal Review

Gale LegalForms to Navigate and Simplify Legal Issues
“Legal situations can be emotional and overwhelming, so having trustworthy and convenient links to legal information puts everyone at ease. With remote access to Gale LegalForms, patrons can be assured that their privacy is respected.”
—Holly Hibner, Adult Services Coordinator, Plymouth District Library (MI)

Gale Small Business Builder to Elevate Business Planning
Gale Small Business Builder helped us build NaperLaunch [a co-working business space] right from the start. In less than two years, we built an entire entrepreneurial ecosystem at our library.”
—Kent Palmer, Business Reference Librarian, Naperville Public Library, IL.
Learn more from Kent >>

DemographicsNow for Analysis to Back Up Business Decisions
“I can use DemoNow to look at the neighborhood level or census data over several neighborhood blocks. Then I can compare those locations with others the entrepreneur is considering to help them really hone in on a decision…”
—Steven Assarian, Business Librarian, Grand Rapids Public Library (MI)

Small Business Resource Center for Support Across All Areas of the Business Lifecycle
“The database is an all-inclusive mix of sources for the small business owner or entrepreneur.”
American Reference Books Annual

ChiltonLibrary for Trusted Automotive Knowledge
“Auto experts can further develop skills while novices will gain information necessary to satisfy curiosity and accomplish at-home repairs. Strong in user-friendliness and value for the general public, this product is highly recommend… ”
— Katie McGaha, Adult Services and Teen Librarian, Agoura Hills Library, County of Los Angeles Public Library (CA) via Library Journal Review

Gale knows that every library has a different story, and we want to meet you where you’re at instead of offering a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we design special pricing based on the population you serve—so that researchers from all walks of life can access quality content. Tell us a little about your library needs so that we can help you find the product mix that’s right for your community.Nike

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