Mathematics, 2nd Edition Positively Engages Students

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This full-color update of the award-winning 2002 A-Z encyclopedia explains concepts, provides a historical overview, and explores careers in the field. Written for middle school/high school students, as well as non-math-major undergraduates, Mathematics contains some 300 entries that cover the basics of algebra, geometry and trigonometry, with the goal of making these topics more accessible and interesting. Readers will see the uses and effects of math in daily life, while short biographies highlight notable mathematicians. Thirty percent of the content is new to this edition, highlighting advances in mathematics since 2000. Mathematics is illustrated with images, equations, tables, and figures, and includes sidebars.

Both the original edition and the new were shaped by expert boards who determined the entry list and reviewed content. Each entry contains a bibliography/suggestions for further reading and cross‐references directing the users to articles of related interest.

See what Library Consultant, Janis Minshull, thinks of the newest edition:

Mathematics have had a bad rap for long enough. This encyclopedia teaches how everyday math is used in one way or another. Information may be historical, “Mathematical Devices, Early,” or contemporary, “Toxic Pollutants, Measuring.” Concepts introduce a multiplicity of ideas and often include subtopics for potential expansion of study. There are also biographical entries, entries on math careers, and more. Articles in either of these areas provide “real-life” stories to attract students.

Mathematics is part of our daily lives. Both as an information source and a positive, engaging guide, the information here will give students an opportunity to rethink how we all benefit from math in all its forms. Mathematics will be useful for high school students and those at the collegiate level.


—Janis Minshull

Orginially published on American Reference Books Annual, Spring 2017

Features and Benefits

  • Signed entries written by subject matter experts with affiliations listed in frontmatter.
  • Bibliography/Suggested Further Reading in every entry.
  • Key terms defined in margins and glossary.
  • 200 color images plus 200 tables, charts & graphs.
  • 100 sidebars, including short biographies of mathematicians.
  • Thematic outline in every volume; & cumulative index in Volume 4.

What’s New

  • 45 brand new entries (15%).
  • 45 substantially updated entries (15%).
  • 210 entries reviewed by experts and given limited updates as needed.
  • Prior edition was 2-color; new edition is 4-color.

Mathematics, 2nd edition is available in print or eBook on GVRL, request a trial today!

About the Reviewer

Currently a library consultant and self-employed writer, Janis Minshull has a robust background in literature and literacy initiatives.  Her library career began at Cobleigh Public Library in Lyndonville, VT in every capacity from volunteer to library director.  She also worked with and for the Children’s Literacy Foundation (CliF), beginning with a sponsorship of the Lyndonville bookmobile!  Additionally, Janis brought her ambition and passion to the position of Youth Services Librarian in Conway, NH and again pursued her passion for bringing literacy experiences to children, teens, and adults in the community…on the road again!  Janis has devoted time to a plethora of projects focusing on children’s literacy including workshop and conference presentations for other librarians at the state level, grant funding and development of national literacy programs at both VT and NH libraries, and she is known for her inclusiveness in her ambition to promote literacy with no boundaries, physical or otherwise.  Known for her hokey-pokey, wordsmithing ability, and “can-do” attitude, Janis now works, lives, and finds inspiration while looking at the Atlantic from her Maine home.  She shares this sweet space with her cats, Bob and Maxine, and a word-loving husband, as well!

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