Meet the Growing Need for Transnational History with America in the World

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Posted on February 3, 2016

Help undergraduates examine the role of the U.S. from early days to the present with a new title from Charles Scribner’s Sons, American in the World. One of the first references with a transnational perspective, this Dictionary of American History supplement focuses on the global role of the U.S. and Americans, while also analyzing global influences on the U.S. Supporting undergraduates, community college students, and high schoolers alike, this text offers signed and peer-reviewed articles as well as some 100 photographs, maps, and graphics.

Learn more about American in the World with Editor-in-chief Dr. Edward J. Blum as he weighs in on the value of America in the World.

The Impact

This title provides a starting point for undergraduate students, graduate students, and historians to consider the value of rethinking major topics in American and world history from the standpoint of integrating United States history with global issues. It presents questions that should spark interest in new research topics, and broadens readers’ intellectual vistas. In addition, all scholars of United States history seem intrigued by the movement to “America in the world”; consequently, this volume helps to unite historians who may otherwise have little in common in terms of their interests or scholarly approach.

The Scope

Appropriate for anyone studying United States history or world history, this volume showcases how international issues have been relevant to the U.S. — and vice versa — throughout the nation’s history. How did the American Revolution impact people, governments, or institutions in Asia? How did new economic approaches created around the world influence the United States? How did American presidents consider various locations around the world when making decisions? Students gain insight into these and other questions.

The Need

Increasingly, historians of the United States are recognizing that the international dimensions of their topics are crucial, but relatively few informational sources focus on this emerging area of study.

The Difference

America’s position in the world is one of the most vital new fields in United States history. This title is at the vanguard of resources that examine the internationalization of American history — how global events, world history, and U.S. history intersect and have impacted one another.

The Contributors

From senior scholars to newly minted PhDs, the editorial board and contributors bring a wealth of research expertise and classroom experience to the project.

Dr. Edward J. Blum is a historian of race and religion in the United States. Professor of history at San Diego State University, he is the author and editor of several monographs on these topics. Dr. Blum is also a co-editor of the esteemed two-volume work, Major Problems in United States History.


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