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Posted December 31, 2015

By Lemma Shomali, Senior Product Manager, Databases, Gale

Students today are digital natives and undisputed power users of Google. Most are never far from their mobile devices, and they use them to look up everything from movie listings to music lyrics. But they also use them for completing homework and doing research. The key to connecting young researchers to trustworthy, relevant content is ensuring that it appears in their workflow. Google is a comfortable, highly used pathway in most students’ study routine. Gale is a Google for Education Partner, which means users can sign in to their library’s Gale content with their Google account credentials and share, save, and download articles to Google Drive, and Docs.

Best of all, these innovative features are available from anywhere and on any device to support students as they develop key research skills:

Google for Education Partner

  • Seamless User Login: Users can log into their library’s resources with their Google Account credentials (including Gmail).
  • Integrated Google Tools: Once logged in, users can easily share and download articles—including their highlights and notes—using Google Apps for Education tools like Drive and Docs.
  • Improved Access: Libraries can provide access to their resources devices via apps available for free download through the Chrome Web Store and Google Play for Education. These product apps provide an additional way for patrons to easily access library resources from their tablets and mobile devices.

As a Google for Education Partner, Gale uses the most current and popular Google tools to support organizational and study skills, encourage collaboration, improve engagement, and foster critical thinking among users of our leading products:

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