More Enhancements to Gale eBooks on GVRL

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Last month, Gale eBooks on GVRL underwent quite a few improvements. From visual and accessibility enhancements to options for homepage customization (read the full blog), our goal is to continuously update the platform based on our users’ needs.

Below are three, additional enhancements users can expect to find in product:

  1. Search within custom collections. Previously users could only search within the Gale default collections.
  2. Enable/disable collections. Disabling a collection will hide it from the homepage but it will not remove the titles from the account. This will help to accommodate time-sensitive collections (e.g., Black History Month) that you may not want to feature year-round (but also won’t want to delete).
  3. Hide default Gale collections. If desired, hide default Gale collections to showcase only the collections desired. Note, however, that hiding a collection does not remove the ebooks from your account (they will still appear in search results).

Whether you purchase eBooks directly, or have access from your state consortium, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. To request a walkthrough or for additional assistance, contact your Gale Customer Success Manager at [email protected].

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