My Favorite Place

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By Tamara J. 

Junior high is an awkward age for most children, and I was no exception. I was not invited into the circle of “popular” kids, and I did not want to be in the circle of kids making trouble. I did well in classes, but my teachers were the only ones that knew I was smart. In seventh and eighth grades, I had the opportunity to be a library aide during my study hall periods. It was wonderful. I had finally found a place in the school where I felt “accepted.” The librarian liked (the awkward) me, and she appreciated the work I did in the library. I was able to interact with other students (even if I was not part of their circle of friends) to find appropriate books for their research projects or their pleasure reading. For those two years, I felt important during that one hour of school each day. My days as a library aide helped me to gain confidence in myself so that I was able to get involved in other activities in high school. The library was my favorite place during my junior high years.Air Force 1

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