My First Job

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By J P.

My very first job was at a library in high school, working as a page, staffing the circulation desk and shelving the history books (920 onward in the Dewey Decimal System). I liked it because it paid better than most of my friends’ jobs, and I didn’t leave smelling like fast food.

What I did not anticipate is that, thanks to Facebook, I’d reconnect and keep in touch with many of the people I worked with decades ago. What I did not anticipate is that some of my high school friends still go to that very same library to get help with their taxes or tickets to museums. Most of all, what I did not anticipate is that, after a few brief years shelving those history books (and then going to college, and then working for almost 10 years in PR and marketing), I’d return to the history stacks as a grad student, working on – and finishing! – my PhD in history.M2k Tekno

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