My Home Office

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By Emily S.

As a District Sales Manager for Cengage Learning who doesn’t report to an official office space, I was finding it difficult to accomplish much in my home office. Distractions like laundry and tidying the house kept me from being as productive as I knew I could and should be. I ventured out to my local library and found exactly what I needed-a space that allowed me serenity, the luxury of turning my phone ringer off, and a place that encouraged thinking. I was able to stay focused and there was something about being surrounded by books written by high level thinkers that helped me raise my game. I was able to accomplish more in a 5 hour clip than most people I know who were reporting to an office for 10 hours.

On a personal note, my hours spent at the library working reignited my love of reading. I began to borrow books and there was something uniting about sharing books with those in my community. My young daughters love going to the library with me and we have our visits down to a science. They pick their books and begin to read quietly while Mom “shops” for her latest read. It’s a tradition for us to choose books together.

Finally, my husband and I recently decided to relocate and before doing so one of the things I insisted on investigating in addition to the schools, grocery stores, and daycares, was the local library. Fortunately, our new town has similar children’s program offerings as my previous town’s, and offer a quiet place for me to be productive on my office days.adidas superstar damen glitzer silber

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