My Library is Everywhere

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By Kate P.

As a child, during the summer the book mobile from the Royal Oak Public Library would park two blocks from my house on a cool, shady street along the park. Climbing up those steps into the book mobile, I was full of anticipation of an adventure — I would get lost in the stories that awaited me! I still can remember the naturally lit space, and smell of the wooden, book-lined interior. I would haul a canvas bag down the hot sunny sidewalk back home, loaded with the maximum number of books bumping against my legs, on a regular basis. Special requests would be waiting for me the next week, thanks to Pam, the patient librarian.

The physical library continues to be an important part of my life — I still visit the Royal Oak Public Library by home and now the Farmington Community Library near work, as well as the Pere Marquette library by my cottage. Continuing to use the library for books and magazines and other reading materials — has helped me keep my life simpler and lighter. I don’t need to have a big collection of books at home — I have access to a larger library than I ever could manage to own in my public libraries. And the library is a great space for meeting friends too — more than accommodating for small special interest groups to meet, supporting community activities.

As an adult, I’ve realized I can still access such a wealth of information — now any time, any place. In the middle of the woods or the middle of the night, I can find and download an eBook or magazine to read. It’s like a virtual 24/7 book mobile.Chaussures Homme J.M. Weston

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