Videos Added to National Geographic Kids

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We’re thrilled to announce that videos, the item most requested by our customers, have been added to the multimedia mix in National Geographic Kids. With 92 videos, each tailored to be accessible and understandable to young learners, the resource has become even more engaging.

Click to watch Talking to Dogs, one of the videos now available in National Geographic Kids

Designed to absorb young minds and broaden their horizons with reputable, authoritative content for kids, National Geographic Kids brings them the world in a way they’ve never seen it. With the addition of these short, digestible, 2-6 minute video segments, the resource will fuel their curiosity more than ever before. Videos include:

  • Talking to Dogs (Watch it now!)
    The evolution from wolves to dogs some 14,000 years ago has produced an animal that relates to us emotionally, but also communicates with us. Find out just how clever dogs are, and how they know us much better than we know them.
  • Big City Construction
    A city skyline is an impressive sight, but what does it take to actually build a towering skyscraper in the middle of a crowded city?
  • Coast Guard Rescue Jumpers
    Meet the people responsible for dramatic rescues in rough waters and find out what it takes to join their ranks!
  • Eco Detective
    Buildings account for more than half of energy consumption in the United States. What are the big energy wasters in your home?
  • Megashark
    Ten million years ago, Megalodon was the largest shark in the water—large enough to eat whales for dinner. Paleobiologist Catalina Pimiento studies the ancient sharks and finds clues about how and where Megalodon lived.
  • Mirror Mirror: Solar Power Goes High Tech
    Behind the scenes of the solar power industry and the high-tech components that boost efficiency and output.
  • The Land of Genghis Khan
    Follow in the steps of the man who was able to conquer the world, and discover what made it possible to manage such a vast empire.


The National Geographic Kids Main Menu with Videos
The main menu with videos added
The new video menu in National Geographic Kids
The new video menu in National Geographic Kids










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