Never too Young or too Old for the Library

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By Monica G. 

When my daughter was little, toddler age, I would look for inexpensive but fun things to do with her. The Library always had free events going on for children of all ages each and every month. They would hand out a flyer and on each day of the month it would list what was going on and for what age group. My daughter loved going to puppet shows, dress up character readings, holiday arts and crafts and so much more. My daughter is now 19 and in college and she still goes to the Library for research papers. My son who is now 9 wants me to sign him up for different events at our local Library in Independence Kentucky. We have a beautiful, well kept library that has reading night once a week where 3rd graders to 5th graders can read to the elderly as well as; pets. My son loves signing up for this event. I myself have used, and still go to the Library for many different reasons. When i went back to school to get my degree I would go to the Library for quit alone time to do my research papers. Now I go there to check out movies and books and sometimes sign up for adult events that the Library will host. I could not imagine my small town without a public fashion

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