New! BBC Videos Added to Popular Gale Resources

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We’re excited to announce the acquisition of 2,250 videos from BBC Worldwide Learning for use across a number of Gale databases, including Academic OneFile, Gale Researcher, and the In Context suite of products.

Developed and produced by talented creative teams at the BBC, these videos offer unique and lively insights and perspectives on such wide-ranging topics as marine biology, the U.S. Civil War, and human rights. The BBC’s reach extends back through history and to remote areas of the universe, including faraway geographical regions, the depths of the ocean, and the edges of the galaxy.

The BBC is highly regarded internationally for its commitment to in-depth reporting and the involvement of experts in various fields of endeavor for their coverage of the world. The videos are engaging and brief, with the majority of them running shorter than eight minutes, appealing to today’s users who are accustomed to getting accurate, compelling information quickly.

Below is the list of products where many of these videos have started to be posted, along with the subject areas that are covered.  All 2,250 videos will be posted by the end of the calendar year.

Academic OneFile (Total 595)

  • Car Buying—8
  • History—36
  • Home Buying—15
  • Marketing—99
  • Personal Finance Series—74
  • Political Science—86
  • Psychology—94
  • Spark Biology—66
  • Spark Chemistry—51
  • Spark Environmental Sciences—56
  • Taxes—10

Gale Researcher (Total 518)

In Context (Total 1059)

Resource Centers (Total 78)


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