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The content below has been recently added and can be located in the product using Basic or Advanced Search forms. To view a list of all the content included in the National Geographic collections and for complete coverage information, please visit our Database Titles List. Stay tuned for updates on new content!

National Geographic: People, Animals, and the World


  • Almost Human: The Astonishing Tale of Homo Naledi and the Discovery That Changed Our Human Story
  • Novel Destinations: A Travel Guide to Literary Landmarks from Jane Austen’s Bath to Ernest Hemingway’s Key West
  • Pandora’s Lab: Seven Stories of Science Gone Wrong


  • Physical map of Arizona with state flag
  • Political map of Asia
  • Political map of Australia
  • Physical map of California with state flag
  • Political map of Canada
  • Political map of England and Wales
  • Political maps of Europe (2)
  • Political maps of Ireland (2)
  • Political map of Italy
  • Political maps of North America (3)
  • Political map of Scandinavia
  • Political maps of South America (2)
  • Political map of southeast Asia
  • Physical map of Texas with state flag
  • Political map of the Caribbean
  • Annotated map showing Earth’s plates
  • Political maps of the United States (3)
  • Political maps of the world (6)


  • Cold Case: Astrobiology
  • Coming into View: China Caves
  • Ferret Babies Key to Species Rebound
  • Hummingbirds are the World’s Hungriest Birds
  • Life Could Exist on Mars Thanks to Methane
  • Rescuing Tradition: Patagonia Cowboys
  • Southern Line Islands: Precious Waters
  • The Bee-utiful World of an Unconventional Scientist
  • Tracking Whip Spiders in Costa Rica
  • Urban Gardening


  • Alto Madre de Dios River
  • Artifacts on Jungle Floor
  • Attaching a Video Device to a Shark
  • Beekeeper Opening a Hive
  • Eating Lunch in Seville
  • Exploring the Okavango River Basin
  • Highland Cattle
  • Human Remains at Tomb
  • Luxury Resort in Vietnam
  • Mount Villarrica
  • Ranchers Gathering Horses
  • Research on Mice
  • Researching the Brain
  • Walking by a Roman Column
  • Weighing a Giant Panda Cub

National Geographic Kids


  • At the Beach
  • Buzz, Bee!
  • Every Planet Has a Place: A Book about Our Solar System
  • Flutter, Butterfly!
  • Halloween
  • Hang on, Monkey!
  • Hoot, Owl!
  • Look & Learn: Big Cats
  • Look & Learn: Look Outside!
  • Night Sky


  • Archaeologist at Work
  • Buddha Statue
  • Cathedral Rock
  • Children With Pet Spider Monkey
  • Collecting Soil Samples
  • Dancers at Celebration
  • Elephant With Calf
  • Elk Crossing a River
  • Learning about the Environment
  • Looted Egyptian Artifact
  • Ph.D Researcher at Work
  • Seine River
  • Swimming With Jellyfish
  • Trail in the Woods
  • Whitebark Pine Seedlings

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