New eBook Title Is “like No Other”

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Legal Issues Across the Globe is an academic series showcasing the diversity of legal approaches to issues making headlines worldwide. Equally weighted discussions for each nation yield a panoramic view of the issue and invite the reader to compare and contrast the various stances taken. Boasting contributions from an international cast of law-school faculty, the series provides contextual legal content that supports collegiate global studies curriculum.

See what Dean of Library Services, Mark Y. Herring, thinks of this evolutionary title:

To be able to compare and contrast these issues in the same volume should be enough to recommend it to any library of merit. Nevertheless, its true value may be an inadvertent one. No other volume underscores the other well-known sage advice, this one quoted by Churchill in the House of Commons in 1947, viz., that democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the rest.

—Mark Y. Herring, Dean of Library Services, Winthrop University

Legal Issues Across the Globe is available in print and eBook format on our platform, GVRL.
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