New to GVRL: Leveled Content with National Geographic Ladders Series

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|By Nicole Albrecht |

Picture this: A classroom filled with students reading various books and a teacher closely monitoring them. At first glance, you may think they are all reading the same text at the same level because all the books look the same. As you look closer, you will see that the three kids sitting together, in the bean bag chairs, all have the same book, but not at the same level. The book cover, the page numbers, the pictures and the layout of the book are all the same, yet each book is unique to the child who is reading it.

This is a small snapshot of what leveled reading looks like. Leveled reading is a system that teachers use with a collection of books that are organized in levels based on length and difficulty. The purpose of leveled content in a classroom is for the teacher to be able to provide the right level of support and challenge for their students. With this content, teachers can target specific groups of students based on their reading level, which allows for the teacher to work closely with students, getting to know them as readers and assess their progress over time. The other value in leveled reading is that when students are matched with books at their level they are comfortable, and likely to freely choose to read rather than being assigned.

How can teachers these days, with all the standards, requirements, testing, and activities be expected to create a huge library filled with leveled reading resources? The truth is: some can, but many cannot. With the newest addition to the GVRL family, the National Geographic Ladders series can help. The social studies series consists of high-interest topics with engaging text and visuals that align easily to curriculum standards. Each title is available at three reading levels; each level includes the same visuals, content, and vocabulary for a shared classroom experience. Each title also has a Spanish-language version.

There are collections available for grades third through fifth and they cover diverse topics from Mesoamerican cultures, popular national landmarks like Mount Rushmore and Niagara Falls, and historical documents such as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The visuals are stunning, bold, and playful enough to attract young readers.

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This series is perfect for elementary schools to use with their reading programs, and the Spanish versions of these books allows teachers to provide reading support to ELL students as well as help them learn new skills at their ability levels. What makes the series even more appealing is that they are cross-curricular. They can easily be integrated across different settings and allow teachers to use them in independent, small group or whole class activities.

Can the Ladders series be used in middle and high school? Absolutely! In middle school, there are students who may still be reading between the 760 and 960 Lexile ranges, therefore just labeling the series as “elementary only” would be doing a disservice to those students who may benefit from them at the upper levels.

The National Geographic Ladders series removes the label of “one size fits all” regarding classroom reading collections and provides students the opportunity to develop essential skills at their own pace. The leveled reading collection also offers students the chance to enjoy reading without a lot of interruptions that block comprehension. The books and their range of titles grow with the students and help instill a love of reading.

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Nicole is a certified high school teacher from Michigan. She has her Master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction with a focus on Adolescent Literacy. As a former teacher, Nicole recognizes the importance of curating eBook collections that meet the needs of the school and students. She loves reading and spending time with her parrot, Turkey.

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