Oh, the games we play!

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Guess what? Games are becoming a common part of the classroom, and we don’t mean secretly playing Tetris on a calculator during math class. 

A recent survey conducted by the Games and Learning Publishing Council gathered responses from close to 700 teachers about how games are incorporated into their classrooms. Of those teachers who use games in the classroom (513 respondents), the majority (55%) use games at least once a week and another quarter have their students play games at least once a month. Is this a fad or is it indicative of a new way to teach?

View the study to learn more about the impact of gaming in education, including benefits, drawbacks, barriers, and more.


Susan Fishburn

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Susan is a “beach” girl at heart. She has a degree in Child Development and Sociology from Albion College and is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan, even when they’re losing!


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