Our Saturday Ritual

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By Jessica O.

Every Saturday my two boys, ages 6 and 4, wake up and ask “Is it Saturday? Can we go to the library?” As a former English major and a ever-lover of books, it warms my heart every time I hear the excitement and zest in their voices about going on our weekly excursion. Our local community library has changed with the times too by offering DVDs, Wii/XBox selections, an electronic check-out system, etc as well as overhauling the children’s section and playroom. Every Saturday when we walk through those doors, I get overwhelmed by the foundation my sons will have, instilling a love for learning, by utilizing their local library. Whether it be the smell of the books or the friendly smiles greeting us from the circulation desk, the library has become a sanctuary for our family.balerĂ­nky

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  1. My earliest memories are growing up in Clifton Park, NY and walking to the (old) Shenendehowa Free Library down the street from my house. My great aunt was the library assistant and she had such love for BOOKS! She inspired me to go there often to participate in community activities and bring books home to read.
    She worked in that library for years and actually put herself through college as an adult to become the Librarian of that Old library and the New one that was built in town by the Mall.
    Fond experiences of my youth led me as an adult to bring my three young sons to our local library for Story Time. I can only hope that my sons continue this tradition when they have families of their own; and that Story Time and borrowing books to bring home to read still exist!


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