A Part of Us

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By G.T.

I always enjoyed going to the library as a young girl with my grandmother. The quietness and respect in libraries was always magical for me. We moved from place to place in California; over 20 due to my parent’s divorce, starting a new life, remarrying, flipping houses, starting college, out on my own and more. Everywhere I went, I always sought out the local library.

Once I had kids, I’d often take them to the Fairfax Library in Marin County, CA. There was always something new to discover or rediscover. Finding an old book you loved was like running into a long lost friend. Sometimes we’d find a puppet show, a science show, a class on public speaking, a quiet corner to read or a community meeting place to come together.

Then we moved to India. There was a tiny English library outside our compound with rudimentary organization and librarians who cared little. Now we live in the Middle East. Here we don’t have the luxury of a neighborhood English library. We miss our library!

When we take our annual trips home to see family and friends, we also make a point to visit the Fairfax Library. My kids, who love to read, delight in finding books they remember reading when they were younger.

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