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In this post, Cory Polonetsky, Marketing Director with Elsevier Science and Technology Books, provides some background about Elsevier, their publishing strategy, and why Elsevier titles on GVRL are valuable to your library.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Tell us about Elsevier. Describe Elsevier’s strengths.

Hi!  I’m Cory Polonetsky, a Marketing Director with Elsevier Science and Technology Books.  You might know that my company is the world’s largest publisher of peer-reviewed science and technology content.  But do you know where Elsevier – founded in 1880 – got its name?

We took our name from the Dutch “House of Elzevir” publishing house, which operated from the late 1500s to the early 1700s.  Why?  The story goes like this….In 1638, Galileo was under house arrest for saying that he agreed with the idea that the earth revolved around the sun.  He struggled to find a publisher who would publish his next work (which happened to be one of his best).  Only the House of Elzevir was willing to publish it.  We admire that courage and commitment to quality, and we try to live up to those standards.

Today, we serve scientific researchers who are taking on some of the world’s biggest challenges.  As our global population grows towards 10 billion people, researchers work to: ensure an adequate supply of food, water, and energy; cure diseases; preserve our environment; build the next generation of materials, buildings, and structures; and more.  The content we provide to researchers plays an important role in them being able to do their work.

My focus is on making our content more accessible to the researchers who will put it to great use.  In my role as Marketing Director, I use product launches, publicity, strategic pricing initiatives, and channel strategy to sustainably expand content accessibility.

For whom do you design your titles, and why do you target this particular audience?

Elsevier Science and Technology Books provides today’s researchers with the content and tools they need to conduct impactful research projects.  The researchers we serve can be found in classrooms (students and faculty), laboratories, government agencies, corporate R&D departments, job sites, and anywhere a curious scientific mind may work.

We focus primarily on creating world-class content in 9 disciplines:

  1. Biomedical Research
  2. Chemical Engineering
  3. Chemistry
  4. Earth & Environment
  5. Energy
  6. Food Science
  7. Fundamental Life Science
  8. Materials Science
  9. Neuroscience

We also publish content in aligned disciplines like Computing, Engineering, Finance, Mathematics, Physics, and Social Science.

Researchers in all of these fields can benefit from applying the expert content in our books to their work.  By helping these researchers succeed, we are building a better tomorrow.

What needs do your titles address to help further scholarship or learning?

The content we provide benefits researchers from the very beginning of their career to the end, and is useful at various stages of the research process.

Our most foundational content (found primarily in our encyclopedias and comprehensives) aids classroom learning, the early stages of research, quick look-ups throughout the research process, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Our reference content (found primarily in our ebooks, series, handbooks, and atlases) aids deep understanding of important topics, and can be applied at the lab bench to support impactful research projects.

Elsevier Science and Technology Books offers researchers more helpful content than ever before, thanks to our organic growth, selective acquisitions of great publishers (see our video about our new Woodhead content:, and unwavering commitment to quality.

Of which title on GVRL are you most especially proud? What makes it stand out?

It is hard to identify just one title from our catalog that we are especially proud of.  We chose to publish Alan Turing: His Work and Impact to show the value and impact that Turing’s work has even today. The book brings insight into the context and significance of Alan Turing’s impact on mathematics, computing, computer science, informatics, morphogenesis, philosophy and the greater scientific world. This book was a winner of 3 PROSE Awards in 2013, including the top honor R.R. Hawkins Award.

We are also very proud of Treatise on Geomorphology, which published in 2013. This work sums up our reference program perfectly, because it covers the whole of this interdisciplinary field in unparalleled depth, in an accessible way, written by world-class academics. It is a ‘one-stop’, fully comprehensive learning resource that allows readers to quickly familiarize themselves with new areas, whilst also containing advanced material, which will be valuable for those with prior knowledge. In this way, Treatise on Geomorphology is a great example of what our reference program offers, surpassing anything else on the subject in terms of depth, accessibility and quality.Wholesale Cheap Nike, Jordans, Adidas, Air Max Shoes China Sale Online

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