Partner Interview: IGI Global

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In this post, Nick Newcomer, Director of Marketing and Design at IGI Global, provides some background about the company, their publishing strategy, and why their titles on GVRL are valuable to your library.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. Tell us about IGI Global. Describe the company’s strengths

Hello my name is Nick Newcomer; I am the Director of Marketing and Design at IGI Global in Hershey, Pennsylvania. To start, we take the IGI Global company slogan “Disseminator of Knowledge” very seriously and pride ourselves in the company’s adaptability and progressive mentality. As an example of our commitment to the academic research community, in 2011 IGI Global shifted its focus from publishing almost exclusively within the subject area of information science and technology, to now also offering more diverse coverage in all areas of academic research, including but not limited to: business, communications, computer science, education, social science, library science, healthcare, environmental science, public administration, and engineering. This shift offers new opportunities for innovation in a multitude of fields, while still catering to loyal IS&T professionals and researchers who have contributed to, and enhanced IGI Global content for the past 26 years.

With this progression, IGI Global has positioned itself as a leading international academic publisher, boasting a collection of over 2,600 reference books, 160 journals, encyclopedias, teaching cases, proceedings, and databases, comprised of over 59,000 full-text book chapters and 14,000 full-text journal articles.


For whom do you design your titles, and why do you target this particular audience?

Our target is firstly the pioneers- researchers fully committed to advancing their field, educators seeking the most current developments, scientists investigating and testing new hypotheses-, and business and industry professionals looking to improve and expand upon their current practices, this is our audience. These esteemed individuals include IGI Global authors and editors who have always been an integral part of the success of IGI Global. We are proud of our collaboration with more than 65,000 experts from all over the world; each lending their research, expertise, and time to our publications over the past 30 years. We truly believe that knowledge supports the engines of innovation and change, and could not be supported without the dedication of researchers worldwide.


What needs do your titles address to help further scholarship or learning?

IGI Global content advances current practice with cutting-edge insight and development in integral fields spanning all research areas. Our titles cover preliminary research and fundamental basics for students and new academics, intermediate material for developing practitioners, and highly advanced scholarly content for specialists. By providing materials for readership on any end of the spectrum, IGI Global enables educators to have the first insights to pass on to their students; and researchers and practitioners to have the newest tools to develop impactful work.

Another need our titles address is easy accessibility and navigability for quick reference. Researchers need immediate and direct access to very specific information. We pride ourselves in hosting a line of products that boasts maximum usability and convenience. Our books directly facilitate that by providing easy-to-reference sections in every book chapter including abstracts which overview the content, a brief introduction, key terms, and a conclusion discussing overall results and further research directions.


Of which title on GVRL are most especially proud? What makes it stand out?

Taking into consideration the rapid pace of technological revolution as well as the impact of technology in all facets of our lives, I favor IGI Global’s most recent 10-volume set, the Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Third Edition. As a result of global recognition of previous editions, as well as requests from researchers worldwide, a few years back we began planning for the third edition. It was decided early on that this installment of the Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology would contain only 100% previously unpublished content –no content utilized from previous editions. With this in mind we were able to gather a comprehensive collection of 760 articles, contributed by more than 1,800 esteemed researchers, containing the newest innovations in the field; taking care to develop and perfect a number of features for easy navigation in this edition. Items such as two tables of content, a user’s guide, as well as a full list of contributors with accompanying page numbers aid in quick location of relevant content. All of the research articles are arranged across the volumes within 100 different categories, allowing readers to find the precise content that meets their needs. Each article also contains in-depth discussions of key issues, terms, and concepts, as well as thousands of critical terms with detailed definitions. Furthermore, this edition will feature regular content updates as developments occur in the research material.FASHION NEWS

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