Portable Professional Development Titles from ASCD, ISTE, and Corwin Press

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By Geoff Schwartz

Professional development resources help teachers improve their effectiveness in the classroom. Now you can provide the materials they need, even if you and your teaching staff have limited budgets and time. Gale’s professional development eBook titles allow teachers to learn at their own pace while saving the costs associated with on-site training.

Partnerships with top publishers bring the newest and best resources to your teachers, including:

  • The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) provides world-class education information services and cutting-edge professional development. ASCD Bundle 7 is now available. Learn more about it and other ASCD bundles here.
  • The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) titles support your Instructional Technology department’s core responsibilities and help administrators, coaches, and teachers understand how technology can enhance teaching and learning. ISTE Bundle 5 has just become available. Learn more about it and other ISTE bundles here.
  • Corwin Press is the premier publisher of professional learning resources that give PreK-12 educators innovative tools to improve teaching and learning. Corwin Bundles 2 and 3 have just become available. Learn more about our Corwin bundles here.

Learn more about our professional development eBook bundles. Contact your Gale sales rep for more information.


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