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By Vanessa Craig

It’s pretty common for public library Facebook feeds to be heavy on book content. This is great, but when 30% of library users say they know little or nothing about the services their library provides, it’s important to promote digital resources on social media channels too.

Rosanna Johnson, marketing assistant at the Chandler Public Library, has done a stellar job sharing what her library has to offer. Not only has she posted web ads on the library’s Facebook page, but she has also linked eResources to other city events and clubs.

Rosanna and I have worked closely together for about 2 years discussing ideas on how to promote their digital resources. She is willing and excited to listen to what I suggest, but I am always astounded in how she can take my ideas and make them so much more.

It has truly become a collaborative relationship because I will share her original ideas with my team of Customer Care Consultants and other libraries. Then, we see other libraries having success with the similar posts. Chandler Public Library goes above and beyond our suggested best practices

See how it’s done with these examples of great posts!

In the first example, Rosanna located a local SAT test, promoted the library’s sample test resource, posted a visual promotional material to gain interest, and tagged other related educational groups all in one post! The second ties a product to a “this day in history.”

Testing & Education Resource Center          US History in Context

Chandler Public Library saw a boost in usage during the months they ran these posts on Facebook!

Remember, the Customer Care Team is always ready to consult with you and make recommendations on product promotions. Chandler is just one library who’s doing things right. We have lots of best practices with positive results to share!

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Vanessa is a Customer Care Consultant for public libraries at Gale. She has experience working in public and academic libraries which lead to her receiving her MLIS in 2012. Vanessa is a confessed chocoholic, avid baker, Harry Potter fanatic, and passionate world traveler.




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