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| By Jason Everett |

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. Each year during this month, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) asks its supporters to raise awareness about the many issues facing animals today. Animals throughout the world are victims of abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Although it is not known how much animal abuse occurs in the United States, there are several thousand arrests each year, and many cases go unreported.

A great way to learn about issues facing animals is by diving into Gale’s newly published Animal Rights and Welfare. This 5-volume set, available in print and eBook on GVRL, provides coverage of topics related to social issues around animal rights and welfare. The books are written to be accessible for middle-school students, but are structured to be appropriate for students at higher and lower reading levels. Each volume provides students with a foundational understanding of timely topics, debates, and controversies related to animal rights and welfare, such as pets and the pet industry, big game hunting, the use of animals in research and testing, animals as agriculture, and animals in zoos and aquariums.

Some examples from the Pets volume follow…

Each chapter begins with a 2-page spread image and a learning objective: a concise, simple statement of the key idea of that chapter. Critical thinking questions (Think/Analyze/Engage), found throughout the chapters, are designed to help students check their understanding, make connections among ideas, and engage with the text in a variety of ways.

Each chapter is augmented with relevant charts, graphs, infographics, and photographs.

All chapters include two primary sources, which may include excerpts of legal documents, speeches, essays, personal narratives, newspaper articles, and photographs.

Teachers will appreciate the accountability charts that provide a breakdown of each chapter’s learning components with standards clearly delineated.

Each title includes two suggested activities per chapter. Each activity includes instructions for what the student should do and evaluation guidelines to help students and teachers assess learning.

And, brand new for our eBooks, the Animals Rights and Welfare titles include curated videos.

Each book in the Animal Rights and Welfare set is an authoritative resource for writing a paper, creating a project or presentation, preparing for a debate, or simply expanding understanding of the issue. Contact your Gale Representative today.

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Jason Everett is a Senior Content Developer, working on print, eBooks, and databases. He and his family recently adopted and successfully housebroke (mostly) a German Shepherd puppy named Luna.



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