Product Update: British Literary Manuscripts

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| By Gale Staff |

In April 2023, we will be launching a new platform that can be used to access British Literary Manuscripts. The platform will be available in addition to the current platform for several more months, until there’s a hard cutover this June, after which only the new platform will be available.

Based off the culmination of years of research and firsthand feedback from faculty members and librarians, the updates to British Literary Manuscripts are in-line with other recent upgrades to Gale Primary Sources interfaces. They willprovide new and more-advanced research capabilities without disrupting the workflows of seasoned researchers. Links will seamlessly redirect to the new interface, which will include the following features:

Smarter search results — There will be more filtering options in search results; subject expansion, which will look for pseudonyms and synonyms of your keyword; and access to our Topic Finder textual analysis tool.

Streamlined user interface — Consistent with other Gale products, this will deliver an engaging experience that will allow quick access to search tools; relevant content; and collaborative features, like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

Improved accessibility — The interface will be maintained for web accessibility standards to ensure access by users of all abilities.

Enhanced Advanced Search — The new Advanced Search interface will provide useful tips and information to meet researchers where they are and help them get the most out of their search experience. The interface will include a detailed “Search Tips” section as well as labels and tool tips that describe each search field and limiter.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) panel — As a new option in the Explore panel when you access a document, the OCR feature will allow you to see the machine-converted version of the text in an article.

Have a question about the changes or how to access the content you need? Contact your Gale representative.

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