Product Update: Greenhaven Press, Lucent Books, and KidHaven Press Imprints Move to Rosen

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Posted on May 23, 2016

On April 1, 2016 Rosen became the exclusive publisher of print and eBook titles for Greenhaven Press, Lucent Books®, and KidHaven Press™ imprints. Moving forward, Rosen will create new titles and content for these imprints. As one of Rosen’s partners, Gale will continue to sell eBooks on GVRL for these imprints, under the titles of Greenhaven Publishing, Lucent Press, and KidHaven Publishing.

With this news comes some changes in how future business transactions will be handled. To assist in understanding the new process of how to place orders, make inquiries, billing, and future development of titles from these imprints, Gale has put together a Q&A to help answer any questions you may have.

Q – How do I place a print order for titles for Greenhaven, Lucent, and KidHaven imprints?
A – Beginning June 1, 2016, place print orders directly with Rosen. Contact information is as follows:

Online Ordering

Direct Purchase Inquiries:
Sheena Strickland
Phone: 844-317-7404

Rosen Customer Service:
Phone: 1-800-237-9932, Monday – Friday 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. EST
Fax: 1-888-436-4643

Q – I am a wholesaler, who do I contact for questions about print titles from Greenhaven, Lucent,and KidHaven?
A – For information on Wholesale orders and related products, order online or contact William Fox.

William Fox
Phone: 844-317-7404
Fax:  646-383-9429

Q – I have a standing order for titles for these imprints, has that changed?
A – Effective June 1, 2016, all standing print orders will be processed by Rosen. All standing GVRL eBook orders will remain unchanged and stay with Gale.

Q – I was notified that print titles I ordered were on backorder. Will I still receive these?
A – Backorders have been forwarded to Rosen for fulfillment as of May 24, 2016. Any questions regarding your order should directed to Rosen.

Q – I have eBook titles from these imprints that I access on the GVRL platform, who do I contact to place an order for new titles?
A – As one of Rosen’s partners, Gale will continue to sell both previously published and future eBooks from Greenhaven, Lucent, and KidHaven on the GVRL platform. Please place any direct eBook orders through your regular channels. Also note that this change will not affect the current GVRL hosting fee, this will remain the same.

Q – Do you know when new titles will be coming out for Greenhaven, Lucent, and KidHaven?
A – New publishing schedules will be set by Rosen. Like many of our other third-party eBook publishing partners, Gale will not be involved in  publishing plans or schedules, but will remain in close contact to keep you informed of upcoming eBook titles and publishing dates.

Q – I own Opposing Viewpoints In Context and understand that much of the content was sourced from Greenhaven’s Opposing Viewpoints series. Does that mean that new content for my database will be coming from Rosen?
A – No. Opposing Viewpoints In Context continues to be an exclusive Gale product. Gale’s skilled editorial team will continue to work with subject-matter experts across a range of fields to publish content for Opposing Viewpoints In Context and other databases. This ensures a continued experience with consistency of content quality, and enables us to release more content, more frequently.

Q – I’ve previously purchased other Rosen eBook titles from Gale. Can I still get these from Gale?
A – Yes. In addition to the Greenhaven, Lucent, and KidHaven, Gale is adding about 500 new eBooks from Rosen’s other imprints such as Rosen Publishing, Cavendish Square, Gareth Stevens, and Enslow. They will be available to Gale’s GVRL customers as they have always been.

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