Product Updates: New In Context content for 09/15/14

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Gale is continually updating and adding new content to our In Context products, ensuring that they offer timely, authoritative, useful information. The items below were added or updated during the week of September 15, 2014.

BP Deepwater Horizon oil accident anniversary
A skimmer scrapes sand off the beach in Grand Isle, Louisiana, and dumps it into the surf April 18, 2011. A year after the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, workers still use the skimmers to remove tarballs from the beach. UPI/A.J. Sisco.

Global Issues in Context

  • 42 portal pageshave been updated, including:
    • Ebola
    • Ecotourism
    • Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
    • Hezbollah: Role and Influence
    • Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    • Libyan Civil Unrest
    • Nationalism
    • Syrian Civil Unrest


Science in Context

  • All 5 homepage spotlightshave been replaced. Examples include:
    The poliovirus is a human enterovirus and the pathogen responsible for poliomyelitis.
    • An image of an enterovirus, which can cause a range of illnesses, including an outbreak of severe respiratory disease that is spreading throughout the Midwest. This image is tied to the Viruses portal.
    • An image of a computer processer, tied to the Computers portal.
    • An image of three galaxies, called Arp 274, about 400 million light-years away. This image is tied to the Galaxies portal.


A young man papers a wall with worthless German currency, 1923.

World History in Context

  • New country overviews are now displaying in the overview position for 11 portal pages. The overviewswere revisited and updated to bring them in line with other portal overviews available inWHIC. New overviews include:
    • Argentina through the Nineteenth Century
    • England, 1485-1815
    • France, 1789-1945
    • France since 1945
    • Germany, 1789-1945
    • Germany, 1945-1990
    • Germany after Reunification
    • Greece, 1453-1914
    • Japan since 1945
    • Dutch Republic and the Netherlands through 1914
    • Poland through 1921


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